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Thank you, Oksana

RE: Your books Hehe, you are right Steven, you wouldn’t advise me to buy the cleaning fish, was another folk, hehe, sorry for the bafflement. I will looking for the shrimp. the last one, (disclaimer: the last this day, this time, no promises for no question in the near future) Where can I buy the Anthony’s book? and how much it will cost me? Carlos

Re: Vacuum Wrasse Many thanks Steven towards the pointers. Here’s what we all have been right here to own. I really ended up delivering a pair of peppermints on the six weeks ago (getting Aiptasia it did, many thanks ), man will they be needless to say non-hungry creatures. Can there be a skinny possibility which they consume anything most other than parasites. And from now on, a bunch of question(s), delight forgive me personally. My shrimps was indeed most friendly up until We lead one or two far more fish to your tank. You will find a great 55g which have 60lb LR, step 3 anemones: LTA, Condy and you can Heteractis C, 2 ocellaris clowns, Flames Goby (Magnifica) and you may Environmentally friendly Polyps and additionally a team (20-25) snails, dos hermits (bluish toes In my opinion). The fresh seafood are Coral Charm and Diamond goby.

Are my shrimp scared permanently or this is a temporarily response (they are constantly hiding now, but still eat, when I hand-pick stuff for them)? Can I get more of the Lysmatas, say L. It does seem like all the caves are occupied by anemones and gobbles, so I don’t want to freak the peppermints out. Now all but inverts and polyps are in the 20g Q tank with CoperSafe floating about. My coral beauty in addition to Ick has also a white spot (looks like a split eye brow cut) above her right eye and her blue tail has a black patch with some white spot at the edge. I assume this is HLLE

Salinity was a measure of the fresh salt content expressed as part for every single thousands (ppt. Specific-gravity is actually a comparison of your occurrence of your test so you’re able to a set resource. The brand new Q container (20g) has Cooper Safe set in water. Both tanks features a beneficial Seaclone skimmer, BioWeels 170 (20g) and you may 330 (55g), powerheads. I became counting on algae regarding the container, but In my opinion I need to change one to by the addition of vegan amount for the restaurants. Other pointers regarding vegetables? I absolutely should get out more frequently.


We offer all the (polyps and anemones incl) frozen shrimp defrosted during the selcon, sliced shrimp/squid/scallops/specific light fish and you can lives fish sporadically get flakes/pallets

Cleaner Wrasse Question Hi Bob, You should be proud of me. I’m reading. and thus have a question. Is it true that cleaner wrasse will not survive in a captive system with no parasites present? Is there any way to save these hard-working creatures after they have saved the rest of the tank inhabitants? Thanks, Oksana